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TacVille Firearms Training  Classes for Law Enforcement, Military & Private Citizens

TacVille is a state of the art tactical firearms training facility for reality based training by the instructors of Tacflow Academy. In addition to regularly scheduled courses by Tacflow, the training center is available for rent by agencies/ departments and reputable training companies. Open enrollment courses and events are listed on our calendar page.

LE/ MIL & Civilian Courses

TacVille Progressive Training Blocks by TACFLOW

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CQB Paintless Paintball & Airsoft

TacVille public use- MilSim Paintless Paintball Experiences

TacVille opens it’s doors for public use for Military Simulation Experiences through S-TAC AZ (Splat Tactics AZ) nights and weekends. The experiences by S-TAC AZ are like taking airsoft, paintball, and Call of Duty, and stirring them together into one dynamic 4-5 hour tactical simulation. Participants practice communication and problem solving under duress, all while having a great time.

Open Reball- paintless paintball Mil/Sim Sessions Nights & Weekends

Open Airsoft Mil/Sim Sessions

Group Events- Birthdays, Sport Teams, Youth Groups and More

Private Group Events- Company Fun Day


TacVille Training Center

TacVille Training Center is locally owned and operated state of the art training venue located in North Phoenix, Arizona, designed and built by the team from TacFlow Academy. We are a one of a kind reality based training facility for firearms training, weapons training and hand to hand combat.

Our goal is to provide a state of the art training facility for law enforcement and military to hone their crafts before heading into harm’s way. Because we offer civilian use- including training courses by top tier instructors, specially designed immersive military simulation (MilSim) experiences for public sessions, and a wide range of team building options for private groups, we are able to continue to provide low cost usage to our local and national community servants- continuing our mission to serve those who serve us.

We are 20,000 sqft of fully air conditioned indoor space with a dynamic Close Quarter Combat- CQC village located in the heart of the Arizona desert. Comprised of two story structures, stairs, walkways, catwalks, single entry point rooms, multiple entry point rooms, courtyard area, and various other obstacles, TacVille has been compared to an indoor MOUT village. The training village allows teams and individuals to practice urban movement and cover along with the breaching and room clearing of building entry. When you pull students away from the square range, they can better learn to navigate difficult problems utilizing combat geometry solutions under pressure.

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